Body Reset

turning your body into a natural fat burner

Designed by the fabulous nutritionist and metabolic balance coach Lucy Goddard who lives in Jersey, Body Reset has been working to ensure residents of Jersey look and feel their best since 2021. And now I am extremely excited to be the exclusive London provider of the Body Reset package.

No blood tests, no food restrictions, no diet/weight-loss supplements, no excessive amounts of exercise.

Just an all-natural approach to hormone balancing, reprogramming the body to become a fat burner and increasing the metabolism.

Body Reset is for you if:

  • You’re ready to shift that weight and boost your lifestyle through eating foods that your body actually needs
  • You’re craving a bespoke nutrition plan based on your blood results, that suits your body’s specific needs and metabolic balance
  • Feel like you’ve tried every fad diet and food restriction plan going, but still struggle to eat to suit your body’s needs

Fad diets don’t work!

  • They are based on reducing food, which in the short-term will cause weight loss, but it’s not sustainable, and often will result in weight gain.
  • It’s your hormones. They are key to fat loss and feeling content and they can be the reason for weight gain and uncontrollable mood swings.


Body Reset works because:

  • It consists of three nutritious meals a day, that are high in protein
  • All-natural, carefully matched foods
  • Allows for meals out with guidance
  • Applies principles to support digestion and fat-burning
  • Meal planning is simple using easy-to-find ingredients from your local supermarket
  • It’s flexible around work and social commitments – no guilt when you have to attend a work event

The Body Reset Package

£400 no hidden fees

Initial Consultation Appointment

A chance to meet with Kate Knowler, face to face, to discuss your needs and goals, and review body composition and weight using Tanita scales.

4 Week Done-For-You Bespoke Nutrition Plan

Your bespoke nutrition plan is devised by Lucy Goddard in Jersey based on your body’s needs and biochemistry, aimed at reprogramming your body to be a natural fat burner. Full meal plans are provided together with shopping lists, recipe ideas, and more.

2 Follow-Up Appointments

You’ll have two follow-up appointments with Kate Knowler at 2 weeks (online) and 4 weeks (face-to-face) to monitor progress. But free support will also be available with Kate via WhatsApp at any time during your 4 week package.

Get started with Body Reset today.