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your optimal energy through nutrition

nutrient deficiencies

Iron, B12, folate, vitamin D… these and other nutrients are key for ensuring optimal energy. Working with your GP where possible, we will establish your levels, and work with your diet to ensure they remain optimal.

thyroid dysfunction

Your body requires thyroid hormones to produce energy. If your thyroid is struggling, you may not have optimal energy. Working with your GP where possible, we will establish your thyroid levels, and nurture it with simple but effective dietary changes.

food sensitivities

Food intolerances can affect your digestive system, your energy levels, and your overall wellbeing. Using external laboratories, we can test to identify potential food sensitivities and advise on eliminating those foods in order to improve wellbeing.

blood sugar imbalance

If you’re irritable and experience mood swings on a daily basis, crave sugary foods, or have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, then making some change to your diet and lifestyle may support your blood sugar balance which may improve your energy.

post viral fatigue

If your fatigue started during/after your recovery from a viral infection such as flu, coronavirus/COVID-19, or Epstein Barr virus, then you may find that some straightforward dietary advice may be the answer to improving your energy levels.

insomnia and sleep issues

Whether you struggle to fall asleep, you wake up through the night, or you regularly wake up before your alarm when you would prefer to remain asleep, some easy to implement dietary amendments may improve your sleep quality and energy.

What is nutritional therapy, and is it right for me?

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to supporting your overall health and wellbeing that is founded on both science and evidence based research.

I will work with you and, where possible, your doctor to identify the root cause of your fatigue and put together your personalised recommendations to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Nutritional therapy is suitable for anybody who is ready to find and restore their energy levels through diet and lifestyle changes.

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You’re Not Alone: I’m Here to Help!

Diet and lifestyle changes aren’t easy and everyone will need different levels of support. When we work together, I will ensure that any and all recommendations are effective but also achievable. If needed, you will be able to contact me free of charge during business hours, to discuss any problems you might be having with your plan.


From the get go, I have had a fantastic service from Kate. Very professional levels of communication and a fast responder via emails, great 1-2-1 session detailing intolerances and the follow up afterwards has been superb and so appreciated to help me manage diet changes. I’d very much recommend Kate for a warm and professional service, I’m feeling better with changes made and grateful for Kate’s support in this. Many thanks!

Clare, London

Perfect level of understanding and subsequent care advice. Very thorough in testing for nearly every possible cause of my underlying problems and coming up with suggested changes plus supplements options, which have been proved to improve my condition thus far. Highly recommended!

Anna, London

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