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Clinic options for corporate clients

Corporate Clinic

Our Corporate Clinic comes to your office, one lunchtime a week for 3 weeks. If you and your colleagues are looking to beat that afternoon slump, balance any mood swings, quit those 3pm sugar/caffeine cravings, then this is the option for you. At the end of the 3 weeks you will have the knowledge you need to rediscover, and enjoy, your natural energy levels.

We’d love to come and share this with you and your colleagues at your office – send this page to your HR department today, and ask them to email to get booked in.

Week 1: Balancing blood sugar levels

  • Why are our blood sugar levels relevant to our energy levels?
  • Exploring the signs and symptoms of the blood sugar rollercoaster
  • Long term risks of not managing blood sugar balance
  • Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day, or is intermittent fasting the better option?
  • Simple and achievable dietary recommendations for balancing blood sugar levels

Week 2: Lifestyle changes to support blood sugar levels

  • Importance of adequate and good quality sleep
  • Managing stress and avoiding stress eating
  • Importance of exercise for balancing blood sugar levels

Week 3: Next steps in advanced blood sugar level management

  • Supplements that may support blood sugar imbalances
  • Blood tests to ask your GP to run
  • Private functional tests to monitor progress


Also available:

  • Lunchtime talks on general nutrition and avoiding diet/lifestyle related workplace fatigue
  • Advice on healthy office snacking
  • 1:1 nutritional therapy appointments for staff, ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour per appointment
  • Bioresonance food intolerance testing for staff, ranging from 20 items to 150 items

Email to discuss options.

I have definitely seen a massive improvement in my energy levels since starting the plan, which is really nice! I also feel so much better and most of my symptoms have disappeared or significantly reduced.


It’s all going really well – it feels natural and I feel healthy, sleeping well, skin feels good – all positive!”


The new plan was difficult for the first couple of weeks but once I got organised and got into a routine and started to see and feel the difference it did get easier to stick to.”