Clinic Session Add-Ons

Our individualised optional extras for all clients

Clinic Session Add-On Services

Optional Clinic Session Add-On services include:

  • Comprehensive thyroid testing (blood pin prick) (from £79)
  • Full iron panel (blood pin prick) (from £79)
  • Food intolerance test (blood pin prick) for IgG antibodies (from £100)
  • Advice and comprehensive testing (stool) for bacteria, parasites, yeasts, dysbiosis, zonulin etc. (from £300)
  • Advice and testing (breath) for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) (from £160)
  • Additional GP referral letters (£25 each)
  • Additional food plans (from £50 per 7 days)
  • Recipe and meal planning advice (from £50 per 7 days)
  • Intensive daily email support (from £50 per 7 days
  • Many more clinic session add-ons are available – just ask!

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I have definitely seen a massive improvement in my energy levels since starting the plan, which is really nice! I also feel so much better and most of my symptoms have disappeared or significantly reduced.


It’s all going really well – it feels natural and I feel healthy, sleeping well, skin feels good – all positive!”


The new plan was difficult for the first couple of weeks but once I got organised and got into a routine and started to see and feel the difference it did get easier to stick to.”